About Me
I am a filmmaker, writer, and old person in training with a fascination for multidisciplinary work. I grew up in the small rural community of Colby, Kansas and graduated with degrees in English Creative Writing and Gerontology from Kansas State University. 
I discovered my passion for storytelling while working as a CNA in a long-term care facility. I combed hair and brushed teeth and listened, absorbing stories and forging deep connections to the people who shared them. The closeness and connection that comes with storytelling has shaped my approach to art, which is person-centered and intimate, often informed by my life experiences as a caregiver and person with a chronic illness. Working closely with older adults, especially in rural Kansas, heavily influenced the lens through which I view the world and the way I conceptualize community and relationships. My films, essays, and visual art tend to be tethered to the body, often centered around healthcare, reframing aging, and the inner workings of rural communities. I am currently in development on a documentary exploring the socioeconomic impact of young motherhood on rural Kansas women. 
Let's chat! Email me at desireejschippers@gmail.com

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